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Asano Toshihisa

Current Research Themes

Topic: Study of consevation and utilization of Ramsar wetlands
Field: Human geography, Geography
Keywords:Ramsar wetland, Nature consevation, Utilization of nature
Topic: Compalative study on environmental movement in Japan and In Korea
Field: Geography, Environmental influence evaluation/environment policy, Sociology
Keywords:environmental movement, lamd reclamation, korea
Topic: Study of rural resource management by the residents
Field: Geography, Agricultural civil engineering/farm village planning studies, Environmental influence evaluation/environment policy
Keywords:environmental management, civic participation, forest on the country side
Topic: Study of regional planning in depopulated areas
Field: Geography, Agricultural civil engineering/farm village planning studies
Keywords:rural area study, regional planning
Topic: Study of regional differences in environmental movements
Field: Geography, Sociology, Environmental influence evaluation/environment policy
Keywords:socil movement, regional differences, environmental conservation

Achievements except Papers and Books

Joint Research/Funded Research

Year Theme
1999 Joint Research on Local Resources in SETOUCHI Resion.
1998 Joint Research on Local Cities and Revitalizing Hilly and Mountainous Areas in Japan

Academic Awards

Membership of Academic Societies

Papers: * Only English titles are listed here

**: Major papers
  1. **"Spatial Differences of Environmental Controversies and Alignment of Environmental Movement: Seamangum Tidelands Reclamation in Korea", GEOGRAPHICAL REVIEW OF JAPAN, 82, 4, pp.277-299, July 2009.
  2. **"Relationships between local environmental movements and the region: A case study of Lake kasumigaura", , 59, 4, pp.293-314, August 2007.
  3. **"Geographical Approach to Local Environmental Movements : A Case Study of the Nakaumi Land Reclamation Problem in Tottori and Shimane Prefectures", GEOGRAPHICAL REVIEW OF JAPAN, 75, 6, pp.443-456, May 2002.
  4. **"Spheres of The Local (JIMOTO) : The area concerned with local environmental problems through the case of the land reclamation project of Lake Nakaumi, San'in region, western Japan.", Journal of Environmental Sociology, 5, pp.166-182, November 1999.
  5. **"The Study of environmental Preservation Movements in the Area around Lake Nakaumi and Lake Shinji, Tottori and Shimane Prefecture", geographical sciences, 52, 1, pp.1-22, January 1997.
  6. "Residents and environmental conservationnof the Upo wetlands Ramsar site, Republic of Korea", E-Journal GEO, 8, 2, pp.223-241, November 2013.
  7. "Consevation and utilization of a Ramsar site Kabukuri-numa and surrounding rice paddies", 広島大学総合博物館研究報告, 4, pp.1-11, December 2012.
  8. "Conservation and utilization of Ramsar wetlands in Japan", 環境科学研究, 7, pp.79-104, December 2012.
  9. "Rethinking 'sustainable development' from the environmental controversies and thereafter on Shiwa and Saemangeum tideland reclamation in South Korea", 地理科学, 66, 4, pp.183-202, October 2011.
  10. "The balance of nature preservation and the use of sightseeing around ecotourism of Yakushima island", Review of Japanese Studies, 24, pp.21-44, March 2011.
  11. "Eutrophication of lake Taihu in China and post-response to the plague of algal bloom in 2007", E-journal GEO, 5, 2, pp.138-153, February 2011.
  12. "Lessons learned from evaluation of an eco-tour designed to support the conservation works for wild birds", 広島大学総合博物館研究報告, 2, pp.1-8, December 2010.
  13. "Sense of participation in environmental practices", Studies of Environmental Sciences, 5, pp.29-40, December 2010.
  14. "Living things as symbol in nature conservation movements", geographical sciences, 65, 3, pp.217-230, July 2010.
  15. "The relationship between type of voluntary activities in which people participate and motives for participation", ノンプロフィットレビュー, 10, 1, pp.1-11, June 2010.
  16. "Reintroduction project of the oriental white stork and tourism: a survey of the vositor's attitude", studies in enviromental sciences, 4, pp.35-50, December 2009.
  17. "Current state and the problems of community organization in Fukuyama city", Review of Japanese Studies, 22, pp.1-21, March 2009.
  18. "Feasibility study of an eco-tour designed to support the conservation work for wild birds", Studies of Environmental Sciences, 3, pp.17-39, December 2008.
  19. "Cost and benefit of participation in volunteer activities: an example of reaping reeds project to clean Lake Sanaru", 環境システム研究論集, 36, pp.483-489, October 2008.
  20. "Determinations of volunteering based on a theory of volunteer opportunity", 環境科学会誌, 21, 5, pp.391-402, September 2008.
  21. "Geography of environmental movement", E-Journal GEO, 3, 1, pp.18-24, March 2008.
  22. "Citizen's movements to protect the water environment: change and problems", Routledge Living Cities in Japan, pp.189-205, July 2007.
  23. "Landscape made by local environmental movements: from two cases about the movements around Lake Shinji and Nakaumi and Lake Kasumigaura", Studies of Environmental Sciences, 1, pp.19-38, December 2006.
  24. "Geographical study of environmental movements concerned with Japanese lakes", University of Tokyo, pp.179, October 2006.
  25. "Urban size and functions:an analysis of hotel location in regional cities, seen from the example of Higashihiroshima city", 地理科学, 60, 4, pp.281-301, October 2005.
  26. "A survey of public perception about environmental restoration of Luehdorfia Japonica's habitats after removing the TV tower on Mt. Ege", Review of Japanese Studies, 特集, 3, pp.73-84, October 2005.
  27. "Landscape of terracced fields as cultural property", Review of Japanese Studies, 特集, 3, pp.111-120, October 2005.
  28. "Some environmental issues caused by large-scale land reclamation projects", GEOGRAPHICAL REVIEW OF JAPAN, 78, 5, pp.71-75, April 2005.
  29. "Geographical perspectives in the study of environmental issues: from four cases about the environmental issues caused by wetland developments in Japan and Korea", Journal of Environmental Sociology, 10, pp.8-24, December 2004.
  30. "Environmental movements after the cancelled land reclamation project of Lake Nakaumi", GEOGRAPHICAL REVIEW OF JAPAN, 77, 5, pp.149-150, April 2004.
  31. "The Seto Inland Sea as a field of environmental education", GEOGRAPHICAL REVIEW OF JAPAN, 77, 5, pp.153-154, April 2004.
  32. "Cooperation of school, home and community based on the idea of Eco Museum: In the case of the lessons of life environment studies at Kuba elementary school", Hiroshima Journal of School Education, 10, pp.85-93, March 2004.
  33. "Situation and problems of citizen's movements to protect the water environment", The 10th International Conference of the European Association for Japanese Studies Book of Abstracts, pp.14-15, August 2003.
  34. "The situation of resource use for environmental education by municipalities around the Seto inland sea", Review of Japanese Studies, 特集, 2, pp.99-108, April 2003.
  35. "In search of geographical study of regional environmental movements through case studies", GEOGRAPHICAL REVIEW OF JAPAN, 76, 5, pp.406-407, April 2003.
  36. "Ecotourism in Miyajima Island, Hiroshima Prefecture", geographical sciences, 57, 3, pp.194-207, July 2002.
  37. "Participant Hands-on Activities and Ecomuseum : A Case of Shiwahori Collaborative Museum", Hiroshima Journal of School Education, 8, pp.43-48, February 2002.
  38. "The image of Miyajima as seen by its inhabitants", Review of Japanese Studies, 特集, 1, pp.89-97, March 2001.
  39. "A Survey of Geographical Studies in Japan, 1999", The Human Geography, 52, 3, pp.248-250, June 2000.
  40. "Ecotourizm for Environmental Movements", Review of Japanese Studies, 13, pp.1-19, November 1999.
  41. "Think Globally Act Locally", , pp.288-285, April 1999.
  42. "Woodland owners' vision and action in Higashi-hiroshima city - A case study in order to spread the forestry management activities by the residents", Studies in Area Culture, 24, pp.39-70, December 1998.
  43. "Trasition of Land Reclamation Project of Lake Nakaumi, Tottori and Shimane Prefecture: Problems of Regional development Planning", geographical sciences, 53, 4, pp.261-282, October 1998.
  44. "The image of the home region for the people who came from Hiroshima prefecture", HIROSHIMA-JIN(Hiroshima community reserch center), 54, pp.49-66, April 1997.
  45. "A Hypothesis of Growth Processes of Provincial City Regions", Review of Japanese Studies, 11, pp.1-19, March 1997.
  46. "Neighborhood Hovement for Environmental Conservation in the Area Around Lake Kasumigaura", GEOGRAPHICAL REVIEW OF JAPAN, 63, 4, pp.237-254, April 1990.

Books: * Only English titles are listed here

**: Major books
  1. "Social geographies of nature (Editor or Co-Editor)", 海青社, 315 pp., 2013.03.

Human/Environmental/Cultural Sciences, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Asano Toshihisa
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